Featured Public Notebooks

GenePattern Notebook provides a library where users can publicly disseminate their notebooks. It includes notebooks developed by the GenePattern team demonstrating a number of genomic and machine learning analyses, as well as notebooks contributed by the user community.

When using the GenePattern Public Notebook Library, users have the ability to share their notebooks and to run notebooks shared by others.

Here is a selection of featured notebooks from our public library:

Featured public notebooks

Browsing and Loading Public Notebooks

  • Log in to the GenePattern Notebook Workspace
  • To view the available notebooks, click the "Notebook Library" tab and browse through the list.
  • To obtain a copy and run the notebook, click the notebook in the list and then select "Run Notebook" on the confirmation dialog that pops up. This will make a copy of the chosen notebook in your current directory, accessible by clicking on the Files tab.
  • To run the notebook, click the "Open Notebook" button in the resulting dialog, or go back to the "Files" tab and run the notebook as normal from there.